Ballet offers dancers the solid foundation of technique that is necessary for the skills of other dance forms and trainings. Dancers will learn the correct form of body alignment, technique, musicality,and line and grace while also educating them on the terms, language and vocabulary of this discipline. 


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Hip Hop class encourages dancers to express themselves through smooth, urban, and jazzy-funk movements while focusing on staging, visuals, performance and style. The most important part of this class is to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!


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Whether you have never danced before, just started or want some extra training to your regular dance education, this class focuses on all forms of dance and works for all levels and for ages 13-17! This class is great for health, cardio, strength, flexibility, conditioning and self-esteem. It is the main goal of the Teen Open class to encourage one another to express yourself through movement and form a bond in the dance community no matter the skill level.  


During this class Jazz and Contemporary are fused together to focus on diverse trainings of technique, body isolations, strength building and performance. Classes can vary from traditional Jazz technique with precise movements, across the floor and specific skills, or may involve a Modern-Contemporary style such as organic movement, improvisation, lyrical and different concepts of dance composition. 


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Acro focuses on strengthening and conditioning the body for tumbling and tricks, or skills, used in dance. During class, the instructor will assist each student individually with each skill introduced until the dancer can perform the skill safely and effectively without assistance. 


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For 2-3 years old, this class focuses on the basics of ballet, balance, and creative movement. The use of a gym mat, small fun props and a Ballet barre will be utilized in Baby Ballet.

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