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The Cash Family

What drew us to Next Level Dance? 

At first glance, the affordability of the studio. My daughter was in one tumbling class at another place for the same amount as 3 classes a month at Next Level Dance. I signed her up right away for Acro, Jazz and Ballet at Next Level Dance. We wanted her to get as much training and insight as possible, and knowing we could afford it was a huge plus.

After a few weeks of classes, I knew we made the right decision. Our daughter was getting detailed attention and learning the skills she needed from Mrs Angel, and improving day by day because of it.  We didn’t feel like we were just a number anymore. We felt valued, noticed and appreciated. Our daughter, couldn’t wait to attend her classes every week. 

Why have we stayed? 

Next Level Dance feels like home. It feels like our family. Our daughter is constantly improving and becoming an amazing little dancer because of her teachers and the atmosphere. You can really tell that they care, and that they WANT to be there because they love what they do. Not to mention, the quality of teaching and choreography you get each time you attend class and perform on stage. Our daughter is truly cared about, and growing as a person and dancer everyday. We are forever grateful we found this studio and will continue to watch our dancer grow as this studio grows!

We noticed our daughter, Chaya, had a love for dancing when she was two years old. She would make up her own silly dances that we thought were just so cute! But when she turned four, we noticed she truly had a gift! Just by watching YouTube videos, Chaya taught herself to tumble, do the splits, do the bridge, and hip hop dance moves. So when she turned 5, we signed her up for gymnastics. She excelled in this sport! She took gymnastics for two years, and discovered she had a strength in acrobatics and contortion. However, in order for her to get all the training she would need to help her grow, we would need to enroll her in more classes at a much more affordable price. This is how we found NXT Level Dance. I came across a flyer for their summer camps, and when we saw their prices, we thought we’d give them a try. We signed her up for two sessions, ballet and acro, and within one week we saw a huge change! Her form had gotten better in acrobatics, and we noticed she caught on very quickly to ballet. We soon realized she could get training in acrobatics, which will help her if she ever decided to go back to gymnastics, and she could also receive training in dance, all for less that we were paying for her to take gymnastics once a week. So that following fall/spring semester, we signed her up for Acrobatics and Hip Hop classes.

This is our second year with NXT Level Dance, and we plan to continue on with them in the future. The teachers dedicate their time to helping each dancer reach their full potential, they teach the girls about self-love and confidence, and they are amazing at communicating effectively with each parent. Chaya has self-proclaimed her as a “life-long member” of this dance studio, and we are looking forward to seeing her growth in the near future. 

The Cotton Family

We came to Next Level Dance Studio to try it out and see if our Skylir would enjoy dance.

After her first NXT competition team try outs, she was HOOKED! Honestly, I was also!!! 

The coaches were very personable and let us know she had talent they could work with, really? She had never danced before and this was something she had just gotten into around the house doing acro tricks and such. I was shocked and proud!

We started off doing group dances and one thing led to another and she had a solo...6 months in they thought she was good enough for a solo. So there we were preparing her for her first solo for competitions. She was winning trophies and more importantly advancing in her skills. Her coaches were invested and so were we. 

Here is the thing though Skylir, was not excelling in school...she found her passion for dance and she buckled down in school. Not a bad kid by any means just a talkative social one. 

After the competition year we started noticing the dance studio was growing. It is so exciting to see as a parent new to this. We truly have become so blessed to have this company, coaches, dancers and dance moms in our lives. We all suppirt one another and care for one another. They have definitely become an extension of a family-like group.

In all, joining Next Level Dance Studio has been an amazing and wonderful learning experience. We can not wait to see where this company goes and the way our dancer grows!


Next Level Dance is more that just a dance studio.  Next Level has become a second home to my daughter ever since she started dancing there in August 2018.  She has grown so much as a dancer and as a person with the help of this studio.  They have helped her heal from some experiences with a bad coach the previous year.  Miss Angel and her staff have built her up and helped her to grow her abilities and her confidence.  They have become a second family to her and I can see how much they care for her; not just her dancing, but her life outside of dance as well.  We have found our home and I can’t wait to see what the next years will bring!  I will be forever grateful to Angel for allowing us to join her studio and dance team.  She has put the light back in my daughter’s eyes! 

The Reff Family

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